Kate's Third Birthday

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Kate's Third Birthday

Some pictures from Kate's 3rd birthday party.
Kate With Crisp Kate Eats a Crisp
0024Gill.jpg Gill still needs help. Except on the mess making front where she is showing excellent solo ability.
0027KateAndCake.jpg Birthday cake
0029KateBlowingHarder.jpg Birthday cake extinguished
0031KateTheBuilder.jpg This is Kate's Bob the Builder impression. Presumably concentrating on his large belly rather than any gay icon connections.
0034KateOpeningAPresent.jpg Presents
0036AnotherPresent.jpg More presents
0037KateOpeningDoodle.jpg Yet more presents. This is the magna doodle.
0038Gill.jpg Gill gets in on the action
0040KateAndGill.jpg The disco?
0041LoadsOfPresents.jpg More presents
0042Pyjamas.jpg Finally! One gets opened.
0043Pyjamas.jpg Its some new pyjamas.
0044GillCrouching.jpg Gill almost wets herself with excitement.
0046KateOpeningPresents.jpg Hang on. I've already got this one.
0047Dashboard.jpg Ah. This is new.
0048TheBigOne.jpg Monster present is saved till last.
0049APram.jpg Its a pram!
0050GillGetsAGo.jpg Gill test drives it.
0051DoodleInAction.jpg Kate plays with the magna-doodle.

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